August 26, 2020

Deloitte: Internal Online Learning Journey for Staff

An internal digital learning journey curated by staff, covering the science, consequences and solutions of climate change.


  • 11 modules
  • 159 learning assets curated
  • 4 hours of content
  • 485 views by staff within the first week following launch.

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  • Climate Education
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Problem Being Solved

Deloitte recognises that climate change is one of the biggest shared challenges facing humanity today. A part of Deloitte Australia’s climate ambition is a desire to empower our 10,000+ people to take action, starting with increasing awareness and building understanding.

The problem

To contribute to a better future, we need to understand the problems we are facing, including climate change. However, learning about climate change can be difficult – it can take months, even years to build a broad foundational understanding of climate change and related subject.

There a few reasons for this. Firstly, the subject area is complicated, broad, multi-disciplinary and has progressed significantly over recent decades. Vast quantities of data and information exist online and much of it is dense and technical – it can be a lot to filter through. To add confusion, sometimes online materials have conflicting messages, exaggerated claims, hidden biases, or are simply inaccurate.

We sought to circumvent these challenges to help our people accelerate their learning and, as a result, help to raise the baseline of understanding across our organisation more quickly.


A Deloitte team developed a learning journey on our internal online content curation platform, CURA. The learning journey consists of 10 modules, using a total of 159 online content pieces, that vary between bite-sized videos, articles and reports already available online. In addition, we included quiz questions, additional reading materials and supporting text to guide learners through their learning journey.

The learning journey begins with some basic climate science and the consequences of climate change on the environment, economy and broader society. The remaining modules contain up-to-date coverage of climate solutions as they relate to energy, mobility, food, materials, industrial production, finance, digital technology and a post-COVID-19 green recovery.

To best drive awareness and understanding, the learning journey was designed for maximum broad appeal – accessible, understandable and relevant – yet comprehensive and professional. In addition, we embedded bright positive imagery, ensured a high standard of quality, included only credible sources, and followed a clear structure and natural flow. In turn, we hope this learning journey will further vitalise the perception of climate change as an issue – a relevant issue people will be excited to engage with.

The learning journey is a curation of the work of others – and will in turn be a base for others to develop on, both in life and at work.


The CURA learning pathway has only recently been released, but it has so far helped generate awareness and understanding – 485 views in the first week since its launch on 30 July 2020.

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