November 25, 2020 by CLC

Business Working Together to Accelerate Emissions Reductions


Corporate Australia is working together through the Climate Leaders Coalition to collaborate and problem solve some of the country’s hardest decarbonisation challenges.

Uniquely, this initiative combines scale with collaboration so that CEOs learn from, help each other and share best practice as they collectively work on specific initiatives to accelerate their own actions towards a net zero carbon economy.

This united approach will help drive significant progress in creating Australia’s low carbon future while also ensuring long term economic sustainability.

“This is about business playing its part and ensuring that Australia proactively creates its own low carbon future. We believe that a responsible and equitable transition to a low emissions economy is an opportunity to improve Australia’s prosperity.” stated David Thodey, who is co-chairing the initiative along with John Lydon, the former Managing Partner of McKinsey Australia.

An initiative of The B Team Australasia, the Climate Leaders Coalition Founding Members include the CEOs of some of Australia’s largest resources and industrial companies, along with leading companies from the property, consumer goods, finance, technology, research, civil society and advisory sectors. Collectively the members have 385,000 employees and millions of customers, consumers, suppliers and shareholders, whom they want to work with to reach a low carbon future.

‘By learning from each other and about how other sectors are approaching the emissions reduction challenge, we can create value through the development of shared climate solutions while driving economic recovery and growth.’ BHP CEO Mike Henry said.

The Coalition is action orientated and is currently reviewing its challenges and opportunities around technology, energy, finance and partnerships. It will report regularly on its actions and milestones.

In addition to the practical problem-solving work that is underway, the CLC provides an open, confidential and authentic forum for CEOs to share the challenges of shifting to a low carbon future, as well as the opportunities such a shift can bring.

“In 2020, Fortescue announced our ambitious, industry leading operational target to become net zero by 2040. The Climate Leaders Coalition provides a unique opportunity to promote ongoing collaboration, ensuring Australia’s business sector is in a strong position to take the lead on the global climate change challenge.” Fortescue Metals Group Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Gaines said.

Our member CEOs meet together to share, learn and lead. At our meetings we include guest sessions with global CEOs who are leaders in the climate field including Paul Polman former Unilever CEO, Jesper Brodin, global CEO of Ingka Group (IKEA) and Jean-Pascal Tricoire, global CEO of Schneider Electric. In addition, we talk about our own progress, opportunities and challenges, sharing ideas and progress.

Simply put, this is about bringing scale, collaboration, joint learning, commitment and leadership to accelerate emission reductions – working together to seize the opportunities, mitigate the risks and bring others on the journey.

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