March 27, 2024 by Climate Leaders Coalition

'Towards a Circular Australia' Playbook


The pursuit of net zero goals is crucial in our fight against climate change, and the concept of the circular economy is a key part of this journey. It is a transformative approach that redefines growth by gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system.

In 2023, the Climate Leaders Coalition initiated a deep dive into the circular economy to explore its potential and the collective efforts needed to shift our business paradigms. The publication “Towards a Circular Australia” is a product of this journey, emerging from the shared understanding that the old ’take-make-waste’ model is unsustainable for both our environment and economy. This guide is the result of combining the knowledge, experiences, and dedication of CLC industry leaders who are championing the move towards a circular economy in Australia. As we present this playbook, we aspire for it to act as a beacon for transformation. Aimed at business executives, policymakers, or anyone with a keen interest in sustainability, this document provides both the motivation and the means to embark on meaningful steps towards forging a more circular and sustainable future for Australia.

Download the Circular Playbook here

Circular Playbook

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