November 29, 2023 by CLC

Scaling impact on Scope 3: an update on our continued focus on Scope 3 in 2023


At COP27 in November 2022, we introduced the Climate Leaders Coalition CEO Scope 3 Roadmap.

In 2023, we recognised the need to transition from proofs of concept to scaling scope 3 impact. We also acknowledged the varying levels of scope 3 maturity among our 50 members, offering an opportunity to collectively enhance our scope 3 impact. Our focus on scaling scope 3 impact this year has been three-fold:

  • An evidence base on how progressed each of our members are in terms of the 8 steps to measure, report and reduce scope 3 emissions – the Scope 3 Excellence Checklist.
  • A series of practical and collaborative scope 3 catalyst sessions to address major blockers and enable more of our members to mature faster.
  • Progression of value chain decarbonisation initiatives started through last year’s scope 3 proofs of concepts.

Scaling impact on Scope 3 is now available to download here

Scaling impact on Scope 3

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