November 22, 2022 by CLC

Scope 3 Roadmap: Practical Steps to Address Scope 3 Emissions - Written by CEOs for CEOs


The Scope 3 Roadmap is now available to download here

Scope 3 Roadmap

The reduction of Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a business-critical issue, requiring a shift in systems thinking and new kind of collaboration across value chains.

CEOs are uniquely placed to lead on reducing value chain emissions and by doing so, accelerate the transition to a low carbon future. The commercial opportunity for first movers who take action is significant.

But how do they navigate the challenges associated with a new way of working?

For the past 10 months, 50 CEOs have been working together to develop 5 pioneering proofs-of-concept on how to create 1.5ºC aligned value chains.

The result is the CEO Scope 3 Roadmap, a practical guide on what it takes to reduce Scope 3 emissions through collaboration across value chains, written by CEOs, for CEOs.

Making this change will require adaptation of business models, different commercial arrangements and new risks being profiled and mitigated. Our addendum ‘Scope 3 - Financing and Commercial Implications" sets out key finance and commercial considerations for CEOs through this transition.

Also see the Financing & Commercial Implications addendum that has been published here

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